Aini Cheque Book Wallet

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The Aini Cheque Book Wallet is the perfect accessory for those who like to carry their cheque books on them at all times. It has slots for cards and cash, along with a space for two cheque books (which can also hold your passport, in case you burnt your cheques on travel payments) and one for your pen too. It also comes with a nifty zipper pocket on the back for your coins, receipts, etc.

Please note:

The colours of the actual product may vary slightly from the image. Handloom fabric, colours may bleed; please refer to product care. Our lining fabrics are upcycled and may vary from the image shown. We do not take responsibility for their performance.

Our cotton fabric is entirely hand embroidered and has the heterogeneity of authentic handmade textiles. The product delivered to you may differ in quality of embroidery from that shown in the image. This is due to the way different artisans embroider. We do not treat this as a flaw.



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H: 4.5"
W: 9"
D: 0.75"


1 main pocket
6 card pockets
1 cheque book slot
1 pen slot
1 exterior zipper pocket


100% hand embroidered Khadi cotton (from Khadi India) + Cork Leather


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