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Neckerchief is back in trend as it was in 40s and 50s to add to your style quotient in the most versatile ways. Wrap it around one’s neck as a choker to serve as a lighter substitute for a necklace or tie it with a loose knot in front or back to make the pattern more visible meanwhile achieving a more relaxing look.

The tessellating geometrical pattern placed around a single repeat of the same in centre is inspired from the Jaali work we observe in Islamic architecture. As quoted in Humayun’s tomb’s museum in Delhi, “Light is associated with the Divine, and India enjoys the gift of unlimited sunshine. Untamed, this can dazzle and destroy. Gently controlled and directed, it can give warmth and a beautiful dappled light. The chhatris and jaalis in Humayun’s tomb are the triumph of the architect in controlling the rays of the sun.”

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24" x 24"


Hand-finished edges


100% Cotton


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